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Hearing AidMaintenance
  • Remove battery and clean the surface of hearing aid /earmould daily
  • Always protect the hearing aids from water and moisture.
  • Keep the hearing aids in electronic dehumidifier everyday
  • Do not wear the hearing in water.
  • Schedule appointment with our technical team for hearing aid checking regularly
  • Avoid sharp knocks and impact
  • Remove the battery when not using the hearing aids
  • Do not place the hearing aid near heating object
  • Keep the battery dry and away from children and pets
  • Replace the battery quickly when running down

Technical Service

The Technical Department is formed by a team of well-trained staff who are committed to providing quality service performed to international standards. The department is responsible for repairing all types of Phonak hearing aids including assistive listening devices and FM systems. In case of emergency, a hearing aid may be loaned or the faulty hearing instrument will be attended to and returned to the client in good working order within the same day.

Assistive Listening Device

Although the hearing aid has adjusted accurately according to your individual need, it does not guarantee can obtain the best hearing in every difficulty listening environment. Everyday, the noise, the distance or in the fill of echo sound environment, all seriously affected has listened respectfully. Overcomes these challenges the best solution is the Assistive Listening Devices (ALD). ALD specialize in various solutions for people with hearing difficulties. Our product range includes systems for Flash Door Bell, Alarm Clock, Telephone Amplifier, TV sound amplification and Home Loop System etc. With ALD, you can enjoy the pleasure sound in every listening environment.

WilliamSound Personal Pocketalker
  • Ideal for elderly with mild to severe hearing loss
  • Small, convenient personal amplifier for improved listening
  • Stereo listening and adjustable tone
  • Used with headphone or mono or binaural earphones
Geemarc AmpliPower 40/50 Teletalker
  • Improve speech understanding
  • Amplify incoming speech by up to 40/60dB
  • With T-coil, compatible with hearing aids
  • A flashing light and loud ringer tone with incoming calls.
Sonic Travelling Shake Alarm Clock
  • Small and convenient.
  • Most Powerful Vibrator
  • Travel case with pillow clasp
  • LED Backlight for night time viewing
  • Snooze-function
Earmoulds & plugs
We are proud to announce that Phonak HK is the first and only one hearing centre in HK equipped with 3D printing earmould equipment.

Earmoulds Type & Style

Noise Proctector Earplugs

Digital Wireless Transmission System

Modern hearing instruments or cochlear implants greatly improve hearing and understanding in the near field. However, in noisy situations, hearing sounds from far away requires an extra boost, especially in the presence of background noise. Phonak FM/Roger provides that solution.

Phonak Roger
Phonak Roger is set to be the new standard in the arena of FM and digital systems. Roger has been scientifically proven to help hearing instrument users understand up to 62% more speech in noise and over distance than people without hearing loss.
What is FM?
FM technology picks up the voice of the speaker via a transmitter microphone. It then uses harmless radio waves to send this signal wirelessly to the listener, who wears a FM receiver.
Discover Dynamic FM
Dynamic FM is Phonak’s industry-leading FM technology platform. It offers real sound performance benefits over traditional FM, in addition to numerous exclusive features to help users set-up and use their FM systems more easily than ever before.
FM Transmitters
Phonak’s FM transmitter includes models designed for use at home and others for use in school.
FM Receivers
Phonak’s Dynamic FM receivers work with virtually all hearing aid brands and models.